Level 2, Me, Myself & I: our inner critic or self-saboteur: embodying self-empathy

22nd Oct 2022 - 23rd Oct 2022
9.30am - 1.30pm BST both days ( Sat and Sun) including a 30 minute break
£150 - £80 + concessions available
LED BY Cath Burke

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Certified Facilitator


Many of us come to NVC looking for a way to survive, improve, enjoy our relationships. I know I did. Then I discovered that the most important relationship is the one with myself.  This is because when we relate empathically to ourselves we are empowered to calm our reactivity and take responsibility for meeting our needs. When we understand and acknowledge our needs we naturally have more inner resource to face challenging conversations and relationships ‘out there’.

This day will draw on Sarah Peyton’s research into NVC and neuroscience.

“This training was challenging for me as we explored the inner critic which I realise has been a very loud voice for me but one that I often suppress. Making that voice tangible and experiencing it in a different way while offering it empathy was quite a remarkable thing that was unexpected, filled with opportunity and warmth. To then embody this energy and feel safe to do so was very empowering.”

— Charlie, 2020

Embodying NVC?

There’ll be an invitation to explore this theme somatically through about 40 minutes of movement and dance. Yep dancing online: it works surprisingly well and, if you’re new to ‘conscious movement’, there is the benefit of being able to try it out in the safety and comfort of your own home.  If you’ve never tried ‘conscious’ dance before you are especially welcome. No experience is necessary – you cannot do it wrong! And all ages, body shapes and fitness levels are welcome. Any doubts or queries email or call me for a chat.

Curious About Why Movement & Dance Is Included In An NVC Workshop? Find Out More>>>

“This training day landed at the right moment for me. It has really helped me see to the core of my issues and provide a path for healing. The dance was extremely helpful in this regard and helped me connect mind and body on this journey. It was a groundbreaking weekend for me.”

— Caroline, 2020

You’ll be supported to take away skills to:

  • precisely name your feelings and needs in relation to a stimulus

  • identify self-sabotaging behaviours and core beliefs

  • get familiar with different parts of your inner life, such as the critic, the self, the witness

  • find your unique empathic voice that’s able to regulate your nervous system

Be warned! Relating to yourself with compassion could lead to a lack of inclination to judge yourself and others and an inability to worry. You may find yourself acting spontaneously rather than from fear-based habits and even enjoying each moment as it comes!


Participants will be expected to have completed a two day foundation training in NVC, or equivalent. This will ensure a common foundation for intermediate level engagement and practice.

“Cath listened to differing opinions with humility. She allowed unmet needs to be voiced and held with compassion, without fixing.”

— Course participant 2019


Individual rates (if you are paying for the training from your own pocket):
If you earn more than £30,000 before tax:  £110
If you earn between £20,000-£30,000 before tax:  £95
If you earn less than £20,000 before tax:  £80
If you are on benefits or very low income with some assets: £60
If you are on benefits or very low income without assets: £50
I am happy to dialogue with you if any of these prices would prevent you from coming.
Please contact me here .
If you are financially abundant, a contribution of £130 for the training helps me to make this training available to those with lower funds.

Organisational rates (if your employer is paying for your place on the training):
Small Charity rate:  £120 (If you work for a charity with fewer than 15 employees).
Public sector / Large Charity rate:  £135 (If you work for a public sector organisation, such as a local council or the NHS, or a charity with more than 15 employees).
Private sector rate:  £150 (If you work for a profit making company).
Concessions available: if any of the above prices would prevent you from coming, please contact me

“The examples Cath gave from her own life shed a lot of light on how these things work in us.”

— Course participant 2019


What is the NVC Intermediate London Training Programme?

This day is part of the London Intermediate programme which consists of 10 days of training across the course of a year, approx one day per month. Each training stands alone. You can attend as few or as many of the days as you wish.  Each day is facilitated by London-based certified NVC trainers – for information about other days in this programme follow this link NOW

 Cath works closely with London Certified Trainers –  Ceri Buckmaster, Carolyn Davies,  Daren De Witt and Tracy Seed.  We are a collaborative group of London-based CNVC Certified Trainers working together to offer you clear learning and progression options to suit you. We are committed to creating community and a supportive network for those learning, living and sharing NVC in London. Many of our trainings are currently online, so if you live outside of London, you are welcome to participate.  Follow this link to discover more