Terms and Conditions

Welcome! Thank you for using NVC-UK .com website.  These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) set forth our mutual agreement as to your rights and responsibilities when you use this website and services. By using this website and membership (the “Service“) you are agreeing to these Terms, and agree to abide by them.

You can read about the way this website operates and the way your data is handled and processed in our Privacy Policy

NVC-UK is a library service connecting people who want to learn NVC with people who teach and share it.  The site is run by a small team of volunteers.

If you don’t agree with anything you read here we are happy to discuss this with you, and kindly request that you do not use our site until we have reached agreement.


These terms and conditions are intended to give clarity, understanding and a shared reality between those providing this website, and those using it, from a place of integrity.  We believe this clarity will build trust with the public who use this site to gain information. Our hope is that they promote ease, flow and harmony in the running of the site, and enable effective use of all our time. The terms and conditions will be updated regularly in response to feedback, and to changed conditions.


The NVC-UK website team do their best to ensure the accuracy of the general information posted on the site, but users are required to undertake their own checks, exercise their own due diligence, and accept responsibility for choices made based on information they find on this website.

General Users Terms and Conditions

Information in the “Events” section, and on the “Facilitator Profile” pages is uploaded directly by members and is not checked by the website team.   What is written by members does not necessarily represent the views of the NVC-UK website team. The team does not accept responsibility or liability for information or views expressed in these sections.

  • The NVC-UK website team does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of information on this site posted by Facilitators, either in the “Events” section or “Profile” pages.  Users are required to check the validity of the information with the individual Facilitators concerned.
  • The NVC-UK website team does not organise or administer bookings of events posted on this site.  Bookings are to be made directly with the named contact posted in each event. There is usually a link to the Facilitator’s website.
  • Information concerning NVC Practice Groups listed on this site is for information only.  They are organised by the individuals named, and attendees are expected to make their own checks and exercise their own due diligence before deciding to attend.  The NVC-UK website team makes no claims as to the quality or competence of these Practice Groups, and accept no liability; attendees go at their own risk.

Facilitator Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Membership is for one year.  The membership year runs from 1st April to the following 31st March.  If you join any time after 1st October, 50% of the annual fee will be charged for that first year.
  • Members agree to pay an annual fee.  The amount is listed on the Membership page of the website and varies depending on the level of service offered. Members can choose the amount they pay within a given range.  Payment to be made in advance by bank transfer or cheque to the Treasurer. Members who have limited financial resources are invited to contact the website team to discuss alternative ways they might contribute to the resources required to provide this website.
  • Certified Facilitators are accepted on the site provided they are currently listed as a Certified Trainer on the CNVC website.
  • Other Facilitators are accepted to the site once they have completed all sections of the Application Form and met the stated criteria.  
  • Both Certified and Other Facilitators are expected to accurately complete their profile page and keep it up-to-date.  A “head-and-shoulders” photo is also required, to promote a warm connection with the public. Contact website team to discuss this.
  • Events are accepted on the website on the condition that they have NVC as their unifying theme
  • If a formal complaint about a member is made to the website team, you are required to be willing to take part in a restorative process.

Products: Feelings and Needs Cards Returns Policy

We hope that you will be pleased with the cards. However, if you need to return them for any reason we are happy to provide a full refund for the products (not the postage) as long as they are returned within 28 days and are in the condition in which you received them. You will need to pay for the return postage.


Dissatisfied with the website team?

If you wish to make a formal complaint about the website or the website team, please direct your complaint to info@nvc-uk.com. Please include any specific requests you have of the NVC-UK website team. We will do our best to reply within 14 days – and earlier if at all possible/it is an urgent request. Please remember we are a team of volunteers and are doing our best to be in service to the NVC-UK community whilst looking after our own personal needs. 

Dissatisfied with a facilitator/trainer listed on this site?

All our Facilitator Members who run events and courses agree to having a complaints procedure on their own website. 

If you are dissatisfied with the conduct of one of the facilitators listed on our website,  please go to their website to find and follow their process. 

Updated 4 April 2024