Who are we?

NVC Matters UK is a not-for-profit community interest company, established during 2020, by members of the NVC UK network. We are growing awareness in the UK of Nonviolent Communication, originated by Dr. Marshall B Rosenberg. This website is dedicated  to connecting those who want to learn NVC with those who want to teach and share it.

We are the behind the scenes team...


Tracy Seed

Tracy is a founder member and one of our directors, she holds many roles in NVC Matters. She loves to be creative with projects, art, music and dance - she turns her visions into a reality!  


Penny Spawforth

Penny is a founder member and one of our directors. She leads and has multiple roles within the Website and Annual Gathering Circles. She loves gardening, going for walks in nature and swimming in the sea!


Therese Bentley

Therese is a founder member and our treasurer. Part-time retirement enables her to have more time to support her family, especially her young grandchildren who bring laughter and joy.


Rik Midgley

Rik is our membership communicator. He is passionate about the role of somatic awareness in sustainable social change, Vipassana Meditation and in exploring wilderness


Kirstin Heidler

Kirstin helps us with fundraising and secretarial responsibilities. She is fascinated by interpersonal neurobiology and  spiritualities of the world. She also loves knitting.


Tom Hitchman

Tom provides Holacracy support and leads the People Care circle. He has contributed greatly to getting the CIC fit for growth. His other passion is playing Petanque!

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Barney Phillips

Barney is part of the People Care Circle and is responsible for Data Protection. He enjoys fixing and making things, and messing around in boats.


Beth Silverbirch

Beth supports us in bookings and communications for our annual trainer gathering in November. She loves foraging wild food, wild swimming, partying and eating chocolate!


Mark Britton

Mark is the Certification Candidate Voice; he encourages synergistic connections between aspiring trainers and NVC Matters. Lover of granite and ocean he is perfectly placed in his adopted home county of Cornwall.


Jo McHale

Jo is part of the Conflict Transformation Circle. When she’s not helping distressed couples relate differently to one another, she’s exercising her beloved Staffies or tending her veggie patch.

What's different about the way we work?

Using NVC, along with an innovative, agile and non-hierarchical system known as Holacracy, we separate out "roles from souls". This means that, although we all take on multiple roles within circles in the organisation, we can change roles - flexibly and easily. On top of this, power is distributed across all the roles - so there are no managers or bosses! This means that although we don't get paid, we all love our jobs!

Vision and Mission

We envisage a world in which people think relationally in what they say and do. Universal needs matter and life serving systems support us all too thrive.

Our mission is enabling a vibrant network of interconnected initiatives sharing the consciousness and skills of Nonviolent Communication as originated by Dr Marshall Rosenberg

  • We believe that how we collaborate matters 
  • We communicate compassionately and honestly.
  • We embrace and respect difference
  • We are united in our humanity
  • We learn and grow from conflicts that arise.

Conflict Transformation Process

Find out here how the Conflict Transformation Circle can support you in conflicts you might encounter in the network

Interested in joining our team?

If you are intrigued, have a few hours to spare a week,  and want to contribute to the NVC movement in the UK, you can view volunteering information here and contact us to discuss