Empathy Breakfast

27th Sep 2023 - 27th Sep 2023
08.15- 9.00
free for members of Words are Windows

Led by: Shona Cameron | Contact Shona

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We all need a regular dose of empathy.

Empathy breakfast is:

  • A space for weaving quality connections in sharing and being received empathically from the heart.
  • A mid week pause, time to connect and resource yourself

  • An option to start the day with a warm and nourishing bowl of empathy

  • An opportunity to grow your empathy skills

Some benefits of Empathy:

– Support  deeper connections with yourself and others

– Help you clarify your life goals and empower you fully

– Promote Inner Clarity: realise how you perceive, feel, and react

– Bring more awareness

– Stimulate your imagination and creativity, the solutions will arise naturally.

– Free yourself from the fear-based decisions and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from freedom, diversity of choices and self-confidence.

–  Process what has happened to you and have a healing effect


8h15-8h20: Welcome and check-in

8h20- 8h30: Setting the scene

8h30-8h50: Breaking up in groups of 2 for empathy time 10min each or the possibility to stay in the main room for demo/coaching

8h50-9h00 Community time, sharing, check-out

Some guidelines will be proposed to support the listener and the speaker in their role.

This event is one of many offered via an online community Words are Windows