Reducing the distance between us

10th Jul 2022 - 10th Jul 2022
Full price £80 / concession £50

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Certified Facilitator


We invite you to a day of exploring and practising ways to connect when we are coming from different perspectives. We will experiment with moving beyond concepts of right and wrong, transforming judgements and enemy images, finding ways to express ourselves authentically and stay open to hear each other.

In times of uncertainty and challenge, we can be pulled into increasing separation and division, unable to find our common humanity whilst standing up for what we care about. We want to increase our capacity and resilience to be together, with different views, finding creative solutions that work for all.

We will cover themes such as…

  • Moving beyond right and wrong
  • Transforming enemy images and self judgement
  • Speaking authentically and with care
  • Finding connection across differences
  • Centring impact over intention
  • Giving, receiving and integrating feedback
  • Conflict resilience

By the end of the day you will have…

  • More awareness of myself and my choices
  • More curiosity and openness towards others
  • More options for how to respond when there is separation

This day is for anyone who wants to connect and/or collaborate with people with different perspectives and views, whether as a part of an organisation, community or grassroots group, in an activist context, in your work or in your family and personal life. These are ways of thinking and responding that most of us weren’t taught at school and are needed now more than ever.


Booking is up front. We are offering two ticket types – standard, and concession for people on low wage.

We want to make this accessible to everyone, so if you would like to come and do not have the means to pay, or if you are comfortable and you would like to pay to support someone else to attend, please email us or

If you have any questions about the day or feedback for us, please also feel free to email us.

About Us

Sarah is a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication and works with individuals, families and organisations to increase compassion, understanding and connection.

Viv works with organisations and communities to find more inclusive and effective ways of working and living together, where decisions are made with the intention of meeting everyone’s needs.