Level 2 NVC Intermediate Training – Transforming Conflict – Sat and Sun Mornings 10am – 1pm

28th Jan 2023 - 29th Jan 2023
10am - 1pm UK time (Saturday and Sunday mornings)

Led by: Ceri Buckmaster | Contact Ceri

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Conflict is inevitable. What matters is how we respond to it.

This session will enable you to:

  • feel more confident to communicate in conflict situations without blame, shame or judgement.
  • take  inner  steps to transform conflict
  • transform enemy images and humanise the other
  • intervene safely in situations of conflict
  • be more resourced in tense situations
  • stay grounded in empathic expression and empathic listening in tense situations

The session will involve reflection, discussion, practice and role play.

Please ensure you have completed a Foundation training before attending this session. This session is primarily aimed that those wanting to use NVC skills to support yourself and others in conflict, and to understand conflict more. If you have a lot of personal conflict, it would be more effective to take part in a practice group or do a course on self-empathy before doing this training.

These intermediate sessions are part of a series organised by London trainers. As we are online, anyone can attend, no matter where you are in the world!

A note about money:

As you have probably read, I work on applying the Needs-based approach that NVC brings, to money! I love working this way, it’s empowering, it gives everyone choice and feedback I’ve had from participants is that they enjoy it, even if it’s a bit bewildering at first.

So for intermediate trainings I work on a scale of £0-250. For some £0 is the right amount, for others £250 is easy to contribute. For some £30 is right, for others £150.

If you regularly pay for personal development or travel regularly, please contribute something near to what you might pay for a similar course. Of course, sometimes you can’t or there are other needs you have which mean you don’t want to. In the case of uncertainty, please communicate with me. I really appreciate transparency around choices. However, I’m not asking anyone to justify their choices to me.

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