Level 2 NVC Intermediate Training – Exploring Power and Privilege with NVC Saturday and Sunday 10am – 1pm

12th Nov 2022 - 13th Nov 2022
10am - 1pm UK time
LED BY Ceri Buckmaster

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Certified Facilitator


We will strengthen your capacity to be an active bystander, act in ways that increase solidarity and begin healing from harmful systemic inequality 

  • By getting a handle on ways that white supremacy and patriarchy impact everyone, but differently
  • By understanding the notions of ‘othering’ and ‘centring’
  • By focussing on lived and felt experience of living in the body you live in, in the context of white supremacy
  • By exploring anger and rage, and understanding a little bit more about allowing anger and rage ‘that’, rather than anger ‘at’
  • By acknowledging shame and the stories we hold about how we have responded to oppression and injustice
  • By practicing the skill of ‘bringing empathy’ to all of the above.

The session will involve reflection, discussion, practice and role play.

A note about money:

As you have probably read, I work on applying the Needs-based approach that NVC brings, to money! I love working this way, it’s empowering, it gives everyone choice and feedback I’ve had from participants is that they enjoy it, even if it’s a bit bewildering at first.

So for intermediate trainings I work on a scale of £0-250. For some £0 is the right amount, for others £250 is easy to contribute. For some £30 is right, for others £150.  When I say ‘right’, I mean it works for your sustainability, you are not stretching yourself too much, and also that you WANT to contribute this to me because you want to support the work. You can choose. I tend to always receive enough for my sustainability which is amazing!

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