Level 1 NVC Foundation Training – Monday evenings

7th Nov 2022 - 5th Dec 2022
6.30-9pm UK time (GMT)
LED BY Ceri Buckmaster

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Certified Facilitator


This Foundation Training in NVC will cover the core components and practices of NVC

  • This training will give you the tools to approach everything as a collaboration by holding both your own needs and the needs of the other, for more lasting change
  • Practicing Nonviolent Communication is about working towards win-win , because everyone’s needs matter. We are always trying to meet needs.

We will explore Needs vs strategies, Feelings, Observations and Requests.

We will learn self empathy and self connection practices.

We will learn how to expand your listening skills, particularly in difficult situations.

This training is a mixture of Presentation, small group, large group debrief and discussion – it’s highly practical.

A note about money:

As you have probably read, I work on applying the Needs-based approach that NVC brings, to money! I love working this way, it’s empowering, it gives everyone choice and feedback I’ve had from participants is that they enjoy it, even if it’s a bit bewildering at first.

So I work on a scale of £0-400. For some £0 is the right amount, for others £400 is easy to contribute. For some £30 is right, for others £300.  When I say ‘right’, I mean it works for your sustainability, you are not stretching yourself too much, and also that you WANT to contribute this to me because you want to support the work. You can choose. I tend to always receive enough for my sustainability which is amazing!

I do ask for a £50 deposit (or other amount) as a marker for commitment to showing up which helps me track numbers.  If you can’t pay a deposit, please send me a message by email to let me know you are committed to the course.

We will talk briefly about money in the second session. For now, you do not need to contribute anything extra beyond the deposit.