Lead Your Life – Foundation course – Integration of Internal Family Systems (IFS) with NVC

4th Mar 2023 - 18th Mar 2023
9:00am - 5:30pm
Your choice to pay between £65 - £115 for two days + bursary places
LED BY Ruud Baanders

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Certified Facilitator


The Lead your Life program is the result of years of experiencing the power of IFS for myself and for many participants in my NVC practice groups, workshops and  coaching and mentoring sessions. This program brings together in my view the two most powerful practical, accessible process that have been developed over the last 30 years that enable us to live truly compassionate lifes in connection with ourselves, our communities and with our environment. IFS is complentary to NVC in many ways and its systemic approach of our inner and outer system provides a very natural and everyday way of living compassionately.

The Lead Your Life program integrates the fundamental and relevant aspects of IFS in many of our NVC practices. It will enable you to take the lead of your own life, a Self-lead life of your inner world, of your parts, and of your relationships with others by developing understanding of, and balance and harmony in, your inner system. This program aims to discover and unleash all the beautiful and valuable qualities of our inner world.

This 2-day Foundation module has very interactive structure to maximise individual explorations.

After the course you will join the Lead Your Life community of participants with free monthly practice days.

Celebrating having run his course for three years in English and Italian with 200 very satisfied participants.