NVC Level 1 – Foundation Training – online 4 weekend mornings June-July 2022

25th Jun 2022 - 3rd Jul 2022
9.30am GMT start time each day. Day 1 ends at 2pm. Day 2 & 3 end at 1.30pm. Day 4 ends at 3.30pm.
LED BY Daren De Witt

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Certified Facilitator


“This online NVC course is perfect.  I highly recommend Daren’s course, he perfectly balances NVC theory and practice and is flexible and attentive to the group’s needs.  Our group was smaller than you might find in an “in person” setting which added to the intimacy and trust of the experience.  I value this experience very highly, the lessons learned are lasting and a great introduction to the practice of NVC.”  – Maria Sbiti, participant on Daren’s April 2020 online NVC foundation training

“The Foundation NVC course with Daren De Witt is the first course I’ve ever done where the learning that has happened within me is a certainty.  Yes I will have to practise but, even if I didn’t, my awareness around language cannot now be undone. The course truly exceeded my expectations.  A huge bonus was the course being split over two weekends. The opportunity this created to live the practice was invaluable.  To top it off, the online setting seemed only to enhance our experience and the bond between us, something we could not have predicted.”  – Alia James, participant on Daren’s April 2020 online NVC foundation training

NVC Foundation Training Overview

This Nonviolent Communication Online Foundation Training will equip you with the essential theory and skills to put NVC into practice in your daily life, at work, with your family or in society.  The emphasis on the training is on learning through practice, with sufficient theoretical input to clarify the basic elements of NVC.  The training is facilitated by Daren De Witt, a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2003.  Daren has trained extensively with Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NVC, and was part of the team that supported him on his visits to the UK between 2001-6.  You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the training.

Why attend this NVC foundation training?

– The total training time is 16 hours (when held face to face previously, training time totalled 12 hours).
– There will be a maximum of 12 participants, which means you will get more individual attention from Daren and his assistant trainer.
– Each participant will also have a 30 minute personal coaching session (observed by some others in the group) with either Daren or his assistant on the final day.
– Most of the training sessions will be recorded (with participants’ consent) and made available for you to download afterwards.
– You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the foundation training.
– Daren has more than 20 years personal experience of NVC to share with you. He also trained with Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NVC.

About NVC

Nonviolent Communication is a powerful communication tool that can help you to transform your relationships with other people, and even with yourself!

NVC is particularly useful when people are communicating in challenging ways – with aggression or non-compliance.  It is also a powerful empathy tool – it will help you to support people who are in pain or confusion, to help them understand themselves more and find inner calm and peace.  And it is also a powerful tool for self-empathy – it will help you to understand yourself better and make more effective choices in your own life and relationships.

Programme Outline

The training will take place over four mornings on Saturdays and Sundays spanning two weekends. Over the course of this Nonviolent Communication online foundation training you will gradually deepen your understanding and practice of NVC.  The practice exercises evolve from simpler to more challenging as the training progresses.

Session one, Sat 25th June 9.30am-2pm

(includes 4 hours training time and 30 minutes total break time)
– Introductions
– The intention of NVC
– Four key steps to creating empathic connection

Session two, Sun 26th June 9.30am-1.30pm

(includes 3.5 hours training time and 30 minutes total break time)
– Disconnecting language
– Four ways of listening & responding to others
– Four key ingredients of NVC

Session three, Sat 2nd July 9.30am-1.30pm

(includes 3.5 hours training time and 30 minutes total break time)
– Self-empathy exploration
– Extended empathy practice

Session four, Sun 3rd July 9.30am-3.30pm

(includes 5 hours training time and 60 minutes total break time)
– Each participant will have a session of 30 minutes maximum, during which you will have the opportunity to work through a conflict scenario with either Daren’s support or the support of Daren’s assisting facilitator.  One or two other participants will be needed to play roles in a conflict roleplay during the session.  Other participants will be able to observe the session.
Whilst we anticipate that you will learn a lot through observing, you may choose not to join the group for all of the 30 minute sessions during the day.  You are welcome to take a break from as many of the 30 minute sessions as you wish, though we ask you to attend a minimum of four 30 minute sessions, including your own, if you wish to complete the training and receive a certificate of attendance.
– We will finish with a 30 minute session, during which Daren will share other options for following up with NVC and we will have a check out round in the group.

Daren and his assisting facilitator will provide coaching support throughout the training.


Individual rates (If you are paying for the training from your own pocket):

If you earn more than £30,000 before tax:  £220
If you earn between £20,000-£30,000 before tax:  £190
If you earn less than £20,000 before tax:  £160
Concessions available:  Daren is happy to dialogue with you if any of these prices would prevent you from coming.  Please contact Daren via the contact options below.
Concessions available:  Daren is happy to dialogue with you if any of these prices would prevent you from coming.  Please contact Daren via the contact options below.

Organisational rates (If your employer is paying for your place on the training):

Small Charity rate:  £240 (If you work for a charity with fewer than 15 employees and they will pay for the training).
Public sector / Large Charity rate:  £270 (If you work for a public sector organisation, such as a local council or the NHS, or a charity with more than 15 employees, and they will pay for the training).
Private sector rate:  £300 (If you work for a profit making company and they will pay for the training).
Concessions available:  Daren is happy to dialogue with you if any of these prices would prevent you from coming.  Please contact Daren via the contact options below.

To book

To book or discuss the training, please email Daren at nvcresolutions[at]gmail.com and he will email booking instructions to you.  Or contact Daren using the contact form on his website: https://nvc-resolutions.co.uk/contact.  Talk to Daren about any aspect of the training by phoning 07366444634.

More comments from previous participants:

“The NVC foundation training course was the perfect opportunity for me to practice and embed the theory of NVC that I had learned from Marshall’s book. The mixture of theory with exercises and role plays, the moments provided for meditation and self-connection as well as the time taken by Daren to thoroughly answer any questions and concerns, made the course a deep and meaningful learning experience. The fact that the course was held online due to the Covid pandemic did not detract from the trust and connection that was built up over the two weekends which I feel was aided hugely by Daren’s authenticity, warmth and calm presence. The strong connections made between course members has enabled us to continue working together post-training to deepen our NVC practice.” – J Yeung, Sept 2020

“I appreciated Daren’s anecdotes of putting this into practice, his realism, his honesty, his careful pairing and overwhelmingly positive responses, plenty of opportunity to practice, humour and a safe space to explore and be vulnerable.” – R Woolhouse, May 2019

“The NVC foundation training I did with Daren has been one of the most valuable workshops I’ve ever attended!  I’ve become more empathic and more in tune with my needs/feelings.  I still have a long way to go, but I see progress and it’s motivating.” – D Denisjonok, Oct 2018

“Amazing two days experience, with a lot of practice and in-depth material.  Highly recommended!” – M Coman, April 2018

“I’m amazed by how much has become clearer to me during this weekend.  Such simple revelations but very necessary ones!” – M Montague, Sept 2017

“Daren’s NVC foundation course was perfectly delivered with pure heart, grace, intelligence, wisdom and humour!” – S Daly, May 2017

“Daren’s gentle pace, clarity and warmth create an inviting space for deep learning.” – J Gretton, Jan 2016

“Daren is a fantastic trainer.  I learned a lot of helpful information and loved the practice sessions.  Every relationship I have has improved 10 fold as a result and I am a much happier person.” – S Nordmark, Nov 2015

“Perhaps the best spent 12 hours of my life.” – L Phillips, Nov 2015