Annual NVC Sharers Event – Supporting each other to lead

9th Nov 2023 - 12th Nov 2023
From 4pm on Thursday until Sunday 3pm
£375 - £280

Led by: Kirstin Heidler | Contact Kirstin

Bookings and more information


Supporting each other to lead – Building connections for a compassionate world.

Would you love to feel more connected to other NVC sharers in the UK?

Whether you are a seasoned NVC trainer or just starting out on your journey, this gathering is for you.  All generations of people on their NVC journey are welcome. 

Our intention is to provide a space where you can recharge and feel included in what’s happening, while also looking towards the future with wisdom and courage.

We love this quote, maybe it resonates with you too? 

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.”
For a discussion of the origins of this saying visit here

What will we do?

These are a few of the enquiries we will be engaging with – there will be many more!

  • What gifts and experiences would you love to contribute to the growth of NVC in the UK?
  • What inspiration and learning would you like to support your sharing of NVC?
  • What is needed to support collaboration more within the UK? 
  • What is blocking collaboration with others inside of you? 
  • What are the areas in which you would like to see NVC grow and expand in the UK? 

You are invited to offer or request a topic that will be considered for inclusion.

Where will we meet? 

This year we will be meeting at the Greenhouse at Barnes Close in Bromsgove, Worcestershire (close to Birmingham). 

It is one of the Quaker Cadbury family homes, created to offer a space for groups of all ages to get a much needed break. It is there to support transformative personal retreats, peace-making work and ongoing exploration into expressions of peace in their times and places. The Greenhouse offers comfortable accommodation, lounges, terraces and a conservatory. Its beautiful grounds offer extensive views over the Worcestershire countryside and from the back there is direct access to the pathways, hills, ponds, park and café of the Waseley Hills Country Park. The Greenhouse is a home to two gentle, friendly Alpacas Jay and Chino. It has a Meditation space and facilities for a fire pit.

What does it cost?

BOOKING your place early really supports the viability of the event.

Costs after 30th of June:
Residential – shared room: £375 – £280
Residential – single room: £440 – £340 (all beds booked up!)
Off-site sleeping: £275 – £180

These prices include, breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meal refreshments.

We request that you pay the full amount by October 1st.

For those not able to come for the whole event: You can book your Day Delegate ticket for the Saturday here.


Who do I contact with my question(s)?
Please get in touch with Beth, our bookings coordinator,  if you have a question not fully answered here. Email:

By when do I need to pay the full amount?
For residential places we request that you pay the full amount by October 1st. Of course, the deposit you paid counts towards this amount.

What happens in the event I want or need to cancel?
Please take a look at our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Are you willing for me to bring my child?
Generally, this is not a family event and we do not encourage people to bring their children. If you have a baby and you need to bring them in order to be able to come, please contact us to discuss.

Will it be possible for me to bring my dog?
While we love the possibility of having dog friends around, the venue does not support dogs on site.

Is it possible that I arrive later or leave earlier or go off-site for a while?
Of course we cannot stop you from doing those things. However, our invitation is to stay onsite for the duration. We are not offering price reductions for arriving late or leaving early. If you can’t make the whole event, an alternative is to purchase a day ticket for the Saturday, (we will be releasing these later in the year). 

Will you be able to cater for special diets?
We are hiring our own cook and will accommodate vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets. Please let us know your needs and any particular requirements on the booking form. Depending on how special your diet is we might not be able to accommodate it. Please be in touch to discuss.

Do you have a policy about booking a residential place yet finding my own accommodation off-site?
We are open to this happening for a few people. If you are requesting this please be in touch 

I’m new to sharing NVC, is this event relevant to me?
We would love to see people new to sharing NVC attend this event and we hope it will be very supportive – to your learning, to your making connections and building possibilities for collaboration and support and to becoming known and seen in our NVC community

Do the rooms all have en-suites?
Some rooms do and some do not. If you have a preference for this, we will do our best to meet your request. 

What is the nearest train station to the venue?

Longbridge Station ( 4.9 miles)
Barnt Green Station (4.6 miles)
Bromsgrove Station (6 miles)

Other requests
There is space on our booking form for you to let us know about any other requests you have that would make learning and your stay more supportive and inclusive.