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Beauty of Needs Retreat, Wales - May 2013 Spirit of NVC Camp, Pembrokeshire, Wales - 2013 Rainbow Mill Camp, Norfolk - August 2010 The 13 Step Dance for Dialogue from the filming session for the NVC Dance Floor DVDs:

Our intention in creating this site is to have a UK-based NVC ‘library’ for people who want support in developing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) consciousness.

What is NVC? Find out here.

Our hope... that this site will help connect you to others – trainers, enthusiasts, beginners - throughout the UK who are also wanting to live life with compassion, authenticity and courage.

We hope and expect that over time it will have a membership section, a newsletter, a way of finding other people interested in NVC in your area, information about what to do if you want to become a trainer and more.

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1/05/15 Living in Compassion with Robert Gonzales
8/05/15 2-Day Foundation Training
9/05/15 Foundation in Nonviolent Communication
16/05/15 'How do I know you really understand me?'
16/05/15 Choosing Life - Introductory NVC Weekend Workshop
23/05/15 Deep Listening
26/05/15 Education Tour Sweden - NVC
30/05/15 Foundation Training - A Way into NVC
30/05/15 Nonviolent Communication Foundation Training
30/05/15 Foundation Training
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Marshal Rosenberg's Passing

Marshall Rosenberg

6 Oct 1934 - 7 Feb 1915


In memory of Marshall Rosenberg - Facebook Group

It is with great emotion that I write to tell you that Marshall Rosenberg passed from this life 3 days ago, on Saturday, February 7th.

It was recently discovered that he had late stage prostate cancer. He passed peacefully at home, with his wife Valentina - who shared the news with me a few minutes ago - and all his children by his side.

I know no way to describe the impact this man had on so many people - for his work and for his being, and for the extraordinary power the balance between these two unleashed. He was a beloved teacher to countless people on every continent, people whose hearts were touched and shone with the possibility his work made tangible.

To many of you reading he was also an inspired and inspiring colleague who changed the course of your lives and brought an inestimable sense of meaning and the potential for transformation to every area of your world. And who, at each moment, did this with utmost simplicity, humility and humanness.

In great mourning, and with the most profound reverence and soaring gratitude for the spirit he released in us, and whose light we carry forwards.

President, CNVC