Conflict Facilitation Practice Group

Kirstin Heidler

Group Details

Led By: NVC Matters Facilitator
Day of the Week: Saturday
Time: 2-5
Frequency: First Saturday of the month
Cost: 10-50

Contact Details

Kirstin Heidler

Conflict Facilitation Practice Group

Kirstin from the Conflict Transformation Weave wants to offer and start a Conflict Facilitation Practice Group.

What it is about

Being with conflict is challenging and facilitating conflict is something that needs to be practised. This group wants to create the space to play with conflict and build conflict facilitation skills.

Who it is for

This group is for anyone who wants to learn more about facilitating conflicts. You don’t need to be an expert, not even in NVC. You need to bring curiosity and the willingness to learn about how to listen differently and what works in conflict facilitation. We experiment and learn together.

The format

We meet for 3 hours on the first Saturday of each month (currently this is aspirational, as first Saturdays seem to be full for me, but we meet once a month. Stay tuned for the announcements of the dates for our meetings.).

The group relies on participants bringing their real conflicts. Several of the conflicts are explored in initial conversations to begin with. Of those 1-2 can be role-played in a group conflict engagement process.

People bringing one of their conflicts usually gain deep insights, and so does everyone else. Being in the role-play can bring up strong emotions and discomfort. The focus of the group is on practising facilitation, so it may be that we stop role-playing at a point which does not feel complete. We aim to allocate at least 40 minutes for the role-play.

There is no rule about which conflicts can be brought and which cannot be. All participants are asked to assess for themselves whether they have the resources and support needed for being with the feelings that engaging with the conflict will bring up. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you notice something has come up, you don’t know how to be with.

There is an extensive feedback section to digest how the experience was, what we learned and what worked (or didn’t work) well in facilitation.


The group will be held online on Zoom. Suggested time for meeting is Saturday afternoon once a month.

The next meeting will be: Saturday, 11th of June 2pm – 5pm.

Next meeting after that: Saturday, 16th of July
Next meeting after that: Saturday, 13th of August
(I’m aiming to meet every 1st Saturday of the month, but for the next two months I cannot do that day due to personal circumstances.)

Sign up here:
Or send an email to Kirstin.

We ask for a financial contribution towards CTW. The requested donation per meeting is £10-50. Please contribute to  CTW’s gofundme campaign.