Vajrasara (Annie) Rankin

Name: Vajrasara (Annie) Rankin

Location: Bristol and South West England, England

We are sad to inform you that Annie (also known as Vajrasara) passed away  in May 2023

Vajrasara was a very much loved, dear member of our community, who shared NVC with compassion and commitment. She wrote for national newspapers, ran spiritual retreats and mediated for harmony in many contexts. She died on May 25th after a long illness, aged 59. She was at home, as she wanted, and saying she was ready to go. She finally 'let go' peacefully and in awareness surrounded by heart-full love and care.

Amitashuri writes; “I will never, ever forget this expression of love, or the example she gave to the world of how to live an upright, determined and consistently compassionate life (and with a lot of fun and laughter)!” 

Preferred Pronouns: She/her