Penny Vine

Name: Penny Vine

Certified Trainer: Yes

Location: Leeds, England

I am a certified trainer in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I facilitate 1 practice group. I am open to offering another one, simply contact me and I can put you on a waiting list and once I have a minimum of 6 people we can begin another practice group, I am particularly keen to begin a parenting group.
In April 2020 I had quite a severe stroke and this last year has offered me a real opportunity to develop requesting and receiving support – not something I had previously found easy. Regrettably I can no longer contribute to training events as currently my mobility is extremely limited. However, this has offered me a real opportunity to really focus in on one-to-one work, which I’m passionate about, and particularly enjoy contributing to people’s lives. Do contact me if you need 1-1 support which you can do in person in Leeds or by zoom. I also offer mediation. I am particularly skilled in working with parents and teachers.

Preferred Pronouns: She/her