Tracy Seed

Name: Tracy Seed

Certified Trainer: Yes

Location: London, England

I'm a Certified trainer and qualified coach, working with individuals, groups and organisations. I have a background in various Emotional Intelligence (EQ) mediums, including: NLP, mindfulness, embodied movement practice and humanistic counselling.

My motivation as an agent of change has been fuelled by an unrelenting curiosity in self-development and systems thinking. My first encounter with NVC was in 2005 when I met Dr Marshall Rosenberg (it's creator) in London. 20 years + of learning, sharing and living NVC is something, I continue to enjoy!

I’ve directed education companies, worked with children and families, rolled out national programmes for change with leaders in education and worked with private, public sector, NFP organisations and with global corporations.

I serve the NVC UK Network as a Director of NVC Matters UK CIC and work as UK Consultant for Elucity Network offering Empathy Factor Training.

During the summer months you will find me in Greece (or some where else) leading NVC retreats, with conscious movement and dance.

If you want to know more, you can checkout my events on this site, and email me directly, or book a FREE 30 min consultation through my personal website contact page.

Preferred Pronouns: She/her