Nati Beltran

Name: Nati Beltran

Certified Trainer: Yes

Location: South East England, England

I am a certified NVC trainer, hold a Masters in Montessori Learning and Leadership and am currently finishing a Masters in Neuroscience. I work with leaders, managers and change makers to become more aware and resilient and to live the dream the envision everyday through more empathic relationships and a better relationship with themselves. I help them discover their own values and vision and align their action and work with them. I work with organisations, schools and teachers to help them create more humane work environments where people thrive.

I am a pacifist at heart and am passionate about creating sustainable, positive change. A small snippet of my own journey: It took me years to understand how to relate in a way that worked for me and to gather the communication skills to be fully authentic while staying kind. I found my own leadership style through many failed attempts to communicate in a way that felt true to my values. Neuroscience, Nonviolent Communication and Montessori pedagogy helped me understand human nature and the fact that all people are driven by universal human needs, tendencies and values.