Jenny Tipping

Name: Jenny Tipping

Certified Trainer: Yes

Location: Bristol and South West England, England

I am a certified trainer in NVC and a certified coach in Needs-Based Coaching.

My background is in the transport industry and my work centres mainly around using the skills of NVC to improve diversity, through creating spaces where people can challenge their own relationship with privilege in a safe and compassionate environment.  

I love supporting people who, through simply showing up as their true selves in the world, challenge conventional roles of patriarchy, gender stereotypes and white supremacy.  I am also very interested in finding ways for us to explore and find peace with our own histories, whether they be personal, family or political.  I have a BA in Modern Languages and have done postgraduate research in International Relations. 

Another important influence on my work is my faith.  I have been a Quaker for 10 years and I try to bring our commitment to truth, equality, peace and simplicity to everything that I do.

I offer group workshops, mainly online, for NVC Foundations and aspects of diversity.  As a coach I work with people who are facing a crossroads or who would like support to find clarity and strategies on a particular issue. I also have an eLearning school in communication skills to improve diversity.   

Preferred Pronouns: She/her