Jane Charles

Name: Jane Charles

Location: Midlands, England

I live with my partner in a beautiful rural smallholding near Malvern where I can commune daily with nature. Wildlife and the environment has always been very important to me, I like to live in harmony with nature and tread lightly on the earth.
We home educated our 2 children and are passionate about respecting children as we would respect adults, aknowledging that their needs are as important as ours, and their right to express themselves.
I came to NVC when our children were still very young, but regret not having learnt the basics before, as it would have been such a support for our values around child-rearing.
I’m active in environmental issues and feel strongly that I want to contribute to the movement to prevent global environmental catastrophe.
I love being part of the British NVC community and doing what I can to extend this locally.

If you'd like to speak to me about my NVC offerings, or indeed anything NVC related my email adress is jane.badgersholt@gmail.com

Preferred Pronouns: She/her