Sarah Sims Williams

Name: Sarah Sims Williams

Location: South West Wales, Wales

Hello, I am from Pembrokeshire, a beautiful part of West Wales. I run a company called Escape Your Chains  (EYC) and offer sessions to individuals, couples, pairs & families, communities and organisations. I mainly work face to face, am open to travelling and also provide services online and via the phone. You can choose personal coaching, family, organisation or couple’s NVC, Loving Mediation, NVC support or a mixture. I offer packages and also work spontaneously.

My overall aim is to connect in a loving and compassionate way, take time to build deep trust, & support my clients through accompaniment, compassion and empathy. I treasure the beautiful moments we share.

I started studying NVC in 2008 with a Foundation Training. By 2011 it was part of my daily life, and has been since. In 2015 I attended an IIT (9 day immersion) with the late Robert Gonzales, amongst other trainers. I am constantly inspired by the power of NVC to connect, and am currently using Sarah Peyton's work for my personal journey of healing.

I love sharing the "nuts and bolts" of NVC and expanding people's skills for deeper connecting and fun. I facilitate a local NVC Practice Group which goes on-line sometimes during lockdowns. I am open to running an online group if there are enough people interested: There has been some interest in a "role-play" group, and a therapeutic empathy group. Please contact me to register your interest, or sign up for EYC email list if you want to be notified (you can choose what you are interested in). If you would like to join EYC's Telegram group for requests and to receive relevant links, you can join here.

Making a difference to people's lives is nourishment for me, supporting folk to find what is blocking them from coming alive, and moving forward. I long for everyone to get their needs met, and for everyone's needs to be equally valued.

I believe the best of people, even when their pain is making them behave in a way that doesn't show that. NVC's approach backs up my belief, and gives me the tools to support people to transform emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and pain into what they find beautiful or precious. It is such a wonderful process!

I do this mainly using words, (science shows that what words we use really does make a difference in our brains) and people who enjoy the use of words tend to respond to NVC in my experience.

Clients report gaining clarity, acceptance and compassion from empathy sessions with me, and those having Loving Mediation sessions, say they gain deeper love, closeness, and understanding amongst other things.

When working with individuals I enjoy flushing out the internal conflicts and transforming them. With communities and couples, it is usually a mixture of internal and interpersonal conflicts.

I also offer taster sessions, and trainings. I enjoy teaching the "nuts and bolts" of NVC for those who need something like that. Or expanding skills by travelling deeper into an area. In Escape Your Chains' NVC Practice we do both of the above in 6 week packages (with an optional drop in price).

NVC helps me in my everyday life, and I am able to meet so many more needs from all the learning I have had. Marshall Rosenberg (founder) said that "should" is one of the most violent words in the dictionary and when I notice the effect of that kind of static "jackal" thinking, I agree. I am devoted to the liberation that comes from translating our "jackal" thinking into what we need to thrive. Hence calling my business "Escape Your Chains". If you would like support or companionship with any of your struggles or pains have a look at my website or Facebook page. If you are drawn to what I have written, do pick up the phone and say "hello"! I'd love to hear something that you've enjoyed about my words, or anything else.

Other Interests:

I also teach dog owners how to have easy well behaved dogs, I am passionate about the environment, the coast and countryside, camp fires, acoustic music, and being with friends. Hobbies include many creative endeavours, walking, being in nature.


Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, West Wales. On-line. Willing to travel

Preferred Pronouns: She/her