Annie Scott

Name: Annie Scott

Location: Midlands, England

Annie Scott

Women’s Empowerment Coach. 

Transforming our connections with Life, others and ourselves. 

Hello, is there a particular relationship you would love to see transformed? Or is it your connection with Life or yourself that is uppermost for you? 

I was born and brought up in Taiwan, Nepal and India, where I met my husband at boarding school. We have 4 children - 3 adults and one teenager, now living in Leicester, U.K. 

I met Marshall Rosenberg, Psychologist and founder of NVC, in 2003, he was the opening night speaker at a parenting conference. He had his Giraffe and Jackal puppet ears on ( representing different consciousness and language ) - I was immediately captivated and have been studying NVC ever since! 

As well as in NVC, my training and experience is in Counselling and Life Coaching with a background in Occupational Therapy and as a Doula, supporting families in birth and times of transition. More recently I have been expanding my awareness of neurodivergence, especially ADHD and autism. I have also done considerable training in business development skills to support being an entrepreneur. 

The Workshops I offer include;  Relationships Reset - Life Changing NVC Basics, Fear Movers and embodiment, Self Compassion, Openheartedness, and Cultivating Community, among others. These are open to all. 

My Faith in Nonviolent Jesus as being radically compassionate, together with Self Compassion are foundational to my practice. I have a special interest in guided meditations, prayer, embodiment, deep listening, transformation and reconciliation - even when this does not involve the other person. This can also include a therapeutic approach called Parts Work where what I call our Loving Leader Self compassionately supports integration and wholeness by attending to vulnerable or reactive parts within. 

Within a compassionate space coaching clients can experience inner healing to release tensions and open up to peace and creative ways forward.

I am passionate about empowering women to create the growth and change their hearts long for. Through Life Coaching I provide high level support so that they can transform, love and enjoy life more fully. 

If you are a woman wanting to be loved up and powered up to evolve in who you are becoming, or how you connect, to open up clarity and insights for a path that is aligned and fulfilling, let’s talk and see if the value of what I have to offer is a match with what you are seeking. 

If you are interested in any particular workshops, do send me a message so that we can explore possibilities. 

Feel free to contact me at or simply via messenger.