Ron de Brito

Name: Ron de Brito

Location: South East England, England

Ron de Brito Powerful Embodied Peace Coaching

I coach people when they’re stuck in patterns of disconnection, frustration, fear or anxiety, anger, guilt or shame, so that they can transform their painful feelings, via softening, empathy and understanding, into open-hearted and compassionate communications. I am passionate about embodied sensations informing people about their feelings and habitual patterns, so I offer breathing, postures and movement to support self-connection and self-love.

One favourite of mine is to invite slowing down, to register the places in our bodies that are tense or painful, heavy or light, resistant or open - and simply to be present with them and bring to these places our tenderness and kindness, empathic resonance in feeling and words. I support people to find spaciousness, groundedness, clarity and creating new ways of relating with themselves and others.

People enjoy working with my listening, engaging, enthusiasm, warmth and way of empowering them, to make changes that improve their lives.

I’ve been practising and undertaking trainings in NVC for ten years and have been an Embodied Facilitator since 2015.

When my children were small, I set up my own tutoring business that continued for 15 years - I now realise that everything I did with those students, aged 4 - 18, was a foundation of the embodied compassion that defines my coaching and training today.

Subsequently I became a secondary (high school) schoolteacher, still driven by my intentions of empowering students to honour themselves and their strengths, as a route to learning and fulfilment.

I live in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and offer personal coaching face-to-face, by phone or online, as well as facilitating Powerful Embodied Peace Courses in person and online, in the UK and worldwide.

Preferred Pronouns: She/her